Arkansas River Valley Wildland Fire Academy

Firing Operations | S-219 | May 24th - 25th

Location Russellville, AR
Event Date(s) May 24, 2018 to May 25, 2018
This event has been completed.

Event Description

S-219 - Firing Operations


This course was developed using a blended approach to learning, meaning that it contains a mix of online and instructor-led training (ILT). Students are required to complete the online training portion of the course prior to taking the ILT. The course introduces the roles and responsibilities of a firing boss (FIRB) and outlines duties of other personnel who may engage firing operations. The course discusses and illustrates common firing devices and techniques. Although comprehensive in nature, the course work is not a substitute for the dynamic fire environment. The course provides students with important information regarding general tasks required to be successful. Any opportunity to show students a real ignition or demonstrate the use of an actual firing device will assist in transferring these new concepts and skills to the job. There is an optional field day outlined in the course, it is the discretion of the delivery unit to include the field day, however, if logistically feasible it is suggested by NWCG that a field day be conducted.

Firing Operation | Cost: $100

All classes on Monday May 14th will begin at 0900 (CT).

All classes on Monday May 21st will begin that day at 0900 (CT).

On all other days, classes will begin at 0800 (CT).

Classes are scheduled to end each day by 1700 (CT).

Target Group:

Personnel desiring to be qualified as firing boss, single resource (FIRB) and firefighter type 1 and 2 personnel looking to gain valuable information to conduct or participate in firing operations.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Qualified as a firefighter type 2 (FFT2).


PMS 901-1 - Field Manager's Course Guide - March 2016

Course Coordinator:

R.L. Self
United States Forest Service