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Panther Basketball Academy

Panther Academy | Camp Store Deposit

Location Greensville , IL
Event Date(s) Jun 14, 2020 to Jun 18, 2020
This event has been canceled.

Event Description

Panther Basketball Camps

2020 Panther Academy

“The Panther Academy is an old school camp, lasting all day from 9am-9pm. Our intent is to nurture relationships both on the court and in the dorm. We want it to be a fun-filled week of basketball instruction, learning, and competition. At the end, your sons and daughters will hopefully have gained memories and friendships for a lifetime, and will return home physically fatigued but thoroughly satisfied.” - Coach Barber

ANOTHER SUCCESS! The Panther Academy will again host boys and girls for their basketball camp! Coach Barber has lined up quality coaches for both groups and looks forward to teaching and working with all campers. We continue to grow and in 2019 we were at capacity. So please reserve your spot soon.

AFFORDABLE PRICE.  In an attempt to keep things affordable we are trying to keep the price lower than other comparable camps. Even though costs of conducting the camp have gone up in recent years we are trying to keep your cost down because WE BELIEVE IN THIS CAMP and its ministry, so we want to keep the prices down in hopes of making it affordable for everyone who wants to attend. - Coach Barber

We were at capacity Summer 2019, so please register early!

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EARLY REGISTRATION. Register in January/February, take $25 off the total cost. Register in March, take $10 off the total cost.

BRING A FRIEND SPECIAL. Receive $20 off for each friend who attends Panther Academy 2020 for the first time. Plus the new friend also receives $20 off. Please indicate on application by listing friend(s) name(s).

BRINGING MULTIPLE CAMPERS FROM THE SAME FAMILY? Please indicate on your application, and take $25 off for each child.

ABOUT THE ACADEMY. The Academy will provide instruction on how athletes need to develop their basketball skills during the week of camp. It will also instill practice ideas and drills for use beyond the camp schedule. It is our intent to see players improve both their offensive and defensive skills, and motivate them in such a way that they will continue on in the practices learned throughout the summer and school year. Each group of campers will have an individual coach who will work with them and coach them throughout the week.

PANTHER ACADEMY HALL OF FAME. Campers who have attended 5 years or more will be inducted into the PBA Hall of Fame and will receive a special gift and ceremony during camp. Please indicate on registration form if you are an eligible PBA-HOF member.

An integral part of our camp is our coaching, teaching, and instruction in a Christian atmosphere. Each morning we start camp with prayer and a daily challenge – a motivational start for the day’s activities. Each evening we have praise and worship with a worship leader (singing and music), and a message from a Christian perspective. Although we are about lots of basketball, this sets us apart as a camp with SOMETHING MORE TO OFFER.

Do you want to improve your game in…
 • Offensive individual open court moves
• Ball handling and scoring
• Post moves for scoring
• Team offensive fundamentals, screening, cutting, & drill work
• Team defensive fundamentals and drill work
• Individual defensive skills
• Full court pressing defense and fundamentals

No refunds will be given within 30 days of the camp start date.

* The NCAA has a required rule regarding an educational component at all basketball camps offered on college campuses. The Panther Academy mission and goals will embrace this addition with an added session on seven statistically proven ways to improve your grades in school, and National Academic standards for athletic participation in college.