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Northeast Mississippi CC - Band

Summer Band Camp

Location Booneville, MS
Event Date(s) Jun 7, 2020 to Jun 11, 2020
Grades 6th to 12th
This event has been canceled.

Event Description


THE NORTHEAST MISSISSIPPI BAND CAMP is committed to providing quality instruction for every camper regardless of age or status.  The NORTHEAST BAND CAMP will provide instruction in areas pertaining to instrumentalists, guard, dance, and field commanders.  All camp instrumentalists are required to participate in one of the concert bands.  Campers, who do not play an instrument, are required to participate in Guard classes.

THE NORTHEAST MISSISSIPPI BAND CAMP furthermore agrees to provide sufficient extracurricular activities as to keep the camp from becoming dull and dry by providing opportunities for swimming, as well as, opportunities to perform during skit night, solo events, and ensemble night.

Students, completing the entire camp, will be awarded a Band Camp medal and certificate.

Dates: June 7th - 11th
Where: Northeast Mississippi Community College | Booneville, Mississippi
Resident camper fee is $185.00
Commuting camper fee is $135.00

New Early Bird Special!!!

We have so many great campers who always get their forms in early, we wanted to do something to say thank you!

If I receive your band camp application postmarked before March 31, 2020, the fee will be:

Resident camper (Includes Tuition, Room, Shirt, and 3 meals a day) - $175.00

Commuting Camper (Includes Tuition, Shirt, Noon and Evening Meal) - $125.00

All applications received after March 31 will be charged the regular fees.

Thank you for making this camp great, and I can’t wait to see you this summer!

The resident camper fees include tuition, room, and three meals a day and activities. The commuting camper fees include two meals a day (lunch and dinner), tuition, and activities.

APPLICATION: All applications must be received with a $50 registration fee by May 22, 2020. The balance of fees is due when you register on Sunday, June 7, 2020.

REFUND POLICY: A refund may be granted only if written notice is received (with the camper’s social security number) by May 29, 2020. If a student goes home early or is dismissed from camp, no refund will be granted.

REGISTRATION: Students should report to the Northeast Band Hall at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 7, 2020. The Band Hall is located in the south end of Hines Music Building. The students will be given a camp packet containing all necessary information, as well as a T-shirt, name tag, and schedule upon receipt of the balance due.

NAME TAG/MEAL TICKET: Your name tag will serve as your meal ticket, as well as, your identification. The name tag must be worn at all times in the area of your left front shirt pocket

PICTURES: Camp pictures will be made on Tuesday of camp. In order to keep the cost of camp from rising, the camp picture can be purchased for by the campers in the camp office for $1.

CAMP MEETINGS: All camp meetings must be attended by every camp student. Roll will be called at each meeting. Students who are not in attendance will be considered tardy and subject to dismissal from camp.

GUARD SCREENING: Guard screening will be held during the first guard meeting at 6:00 p.m. on June 7th in Hines Auditorium. The purpose of guard screening is to place students in the proper class level. Screening will include flag basics (dropspins, windmills, carves ((Fig. 8’s)), and tosses.) The Guard will also attend the first full camp meeting at 7:00 p.m. on June 7th.

DORMITORIES: Arrangements for housing have been made in modern air-conditioned dormitories that are located next to the swimming pool and at the center of most camp activities.

KEY DEPOSIT: Resident campers will be required to put a $10.00 key deposit down upon checking into the dormitories. This will be returned to the camper when he/she checks in their key at the end of camp. Please have your ten-dollar deposit separate from your fees. PLEASE HAVE EXACT CHANGE (CASH ONLY).

WHAT TO BRING: Instrumentalists should bring their instrument. Guard should bring your instrument and all equipment, (if doing the band track). Everyone should bring comfortable clothing, such as shorts, tennis shoes and comfortable tops. You will need a swimsuit, if you plan to get into the pool. Also bring everything you will need for skit night. Sheets, towels, pillow, pillowcases, toilet paper, and a light blanket along with personal bath items will be necessary. Bring your music for solo and ensemble night. All campers should bring a notebook and pencil. Each camper should bring their own water bottle in case they have an outside class. Water will be provided. Everyone can use a little spending money. Concert dress is shirt and tie for boys and nice dress for the girls.

AUDITIONS: Students will be mailed music to prepare, along with being responsible for different levels of sight-reading and a few scales. The sight-reading material will be based on the student’s experience

VISITATION: Students may not have visitors other than their immediate family. Other visits may be made only if the camp director has received written permission from the parents or guardians at the beginning of camp.


** Attendance is mandatory

Sunday Night Unpack and Swimming
Monday Night Swimming /Dance/Movie
Tuesday Night Talent Show/Fastest Hands (Perc.)
Wed. Night Solo/Ensemble performances
At 8 P.M. (Open to the public)
Guard Exhibition
Drumline/Drum Major
Thursday at 10:30 a.m., B. A. Coliseum
Exhibition Thursday at 10:30 a.m., B. A. Coliseum
Final Concerts Thursday at 2:00 p.m. Seth Pounds


Awards will be presented at the end of the band concerts on Thursday. There will be various awards given to many outstanding campers. Students, who have attended the
entire camp, will receive a certificate and a camp medal.


Campers may receive mail during the camp meeting. Mail should be addressed to:



N. E. M. C. C., BOX 23


662-728-7751 Northeast MS Community College
662-720-7160 Northeast Campus Police (24 hour)
662-720-5000 Baptist Memorial Hospital
662-728-5611 Booneville City Police
662 720-7590 Mississippi Hall
662-720-7800 Murphy Hall
662-720-7600 White Hall
662-720-7100 Wood Hall
662-720-7700 Yarber Hall
662-720-7257 Bryan Mitchell, Camp Coordinator
662-720-7360 Dr. Jason Beghtol, Camp Assistant
662-720-7358 Dr. Amy Langley, Camp Assistant


BOOKSTORE:  The Northeast bookstore is open during school hours. Students may purchase items such as snacks, clothing, gifts, pencils, tapes, notebooks, and personal items.

CAFETERIA: Nutritious camp meals will be served in the campus cafeteria located in the Frank Haney Student Union. The Sodexho Food Service prepares meals in a food court setup with a large variety of foods. YOUR NAME TAG will serve as your meal ticket.

HEALTH CARE: A branch of the Baptist Memorial Hospital is located in Booneville and may be contacted by dialing 662-720-5000.

GAYE RODEN CARR AQUATIC CENTER: Northeast is pleased to be one of few colleges in the state that provide a swimming pool for the students. The Northeast swimming pool will be opened to campers at scheduled times. There are lifeguards present at all times.

CAMPUS POLICE: Northeast is well aware of the concern that parents have when their children are away from home. There will be a full force of campus police on hand 24 hours a day during the band camp. At night each dormitory will have a guard posted inside and a guard patrolling on foot outside. Also the campus police will be patrolling in security vehicles each night.

CAMP COUNSELORS: There will be a minimum of two counselors located on every floor of each dormitory during camp. These counselors will escort the students to and from meals and classes. Student safety is our number one concern.


CONCERT BAND: Concert band is required for all camp instrumentalists. Students will receive instruction from a certified professional instrumental music instructor. The concert bands will afford the opportunity for students to experience playing standard band literature, as well as, music of the contemporary composers

JAZZ BAND: Instruction will be given in the different styles of jazz, including lab experience, and jazz improvisation. Instrumentalists signing up for jazz band should be saxophones, trumpets, trombones, trap drummers, guitars, and pianos. Jazz Band A will meet in Hines Hall Auditorium. Jazz Band B will meet in the Campus Country Rehearsal Room.

ENSEMBLES: Instruction will be given in woodwind, brass, and percussion ensemble literature.  Ensembles will perform for the entire camp on Wednesday evening.

WOODWIND ENSEMBLES: Study of basic fundamentals of tone production, embouchure, reed adjustment, and alternate fingerings.  Work on solo and ensemble literature is included.

** These ensembles will be split this year, into two groups (Middle School and High School).

BRASS ENSEMBLES: Study of basic fundamentals of tone production, embouchure, mouthpieces, and other aspects of brass playing.  Work of solo and ensemble literature is included.  ** These ensembles will be split this year, into two groups (Middle School and High School).

PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE: Proper study of concert and marching percussion.  Instruction will be given in proper choice of mallets and other percussion equipment.  Technique, tuning, and placement will be included along with solo and ensemble literature.

MARCHING PERCUSSION CLASS: FOR HIGH SCHOOL ONLY!! Students, participating in marching percussion class, must schedule marching percussion both the first and the second periods.  This class will meet outside.

PERCUSSION FUNDAMENTALS CLASS:  FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL ONLY!    Instruction will be given in basic percussion fundamentals.  Rudiments, exercises, etc. will be studied.  Students much schedule this class for both first and second periods.  This class will meet outside.

DRUM SET CLASS: (High School only).  Study of basic drum set styles, timing, and fills. This class is located in the Drum Set Studio in the basement of Hines Hall.

MUSIC THEORY I: An introductory course in the fundamentals of music theory, basic terms, notation, keys, rhythm, time signatures, scale construction, and interval identification.  This class is for students with one or two years of music.  This class is located in the Band Hall.

MUSIC THEORY II: A more in-depth look at the construction of music. Study of scales, chords, melody, form, and ear training.  Suggested for students who have finished the eighth grade or above and/or with the completion of Music Theory I.  This class is located in the Choir Room.

GUARDTOSS & EQUIPMENT TECHNIQUE CLASS.  Instruction on basic tosses and toss techniques on flag, as well as warm-up exercises and advanced equipment techniques.  These classes will be located in Burgess Activity Center and Bonner Arnold Coliseum.

GUARD PERFORMANCE CLASS.  Instruction on poise and performance exercises to enhance presence as it relates to Winter Guard and Marching Band.  This class is located in Bonner Arnold Coliseum.

RHYTHM FUNDAMENTALS: Basic relationships of note values are discussed, time signatures, syncopation, etc.  This class is located in the Band Hall or Room #5.

MUSIC APPRECIATION: Study of the basic elements of music necessary for intelligent listening with a general survey of music history and the development of music.  Listen to many major works by the master composers.  This class is located in Room #1 in Hines Hall.

LEADERSHIP CLASS: Instruction in the qualities necessary to become a good leader.  This course is recommended for high school students and section leaders.  This class is located in Hines Hall Auditorium or the Choir Room.

INSTRUMENTAL CONDUCTING: Fundamentals of instrumental conducting, baton technique and interpretation with emphasis on time patterns, left hand control and score interpretation.  This is not a field commander class. Emphasis will be on concert works.  This class is located in the Choir Room in Hines Hall.

AUDITION PREPARATION: (Middle School only) Lecture and demonstration of proper auditioning techniques that will better prepare the camper for any honor band or scholarship auditions they will participate in throughout the school year.   This class is located in Seth Pounds Auditorium.

IMPROVISATION CLASS:  (High School only). Students will study the basics of jazz improvisation on their particular instrument. Students will learn how to read chord changes and improvise their own solos. This class is located in the Campus Country Rehearsal Hall.

DRILL WRITING CLASS:  (High School only).  Students will learn the basics of creating drill for marching band. They will design their own sets for a marching show and apply them to music. This class is located in Room # 5.

COMPOSITION & ARRANGING CLASS:  (High School only).  Students will let their musical creativity flow and learn the fundamentals of writing their own piece of music. Along with composition students will learn the basics of arranging a piece of music for various ensembles. This class is located in Room #5.

MUSIC TECHNOLOGY CLASS:  (High School and Middle School sections available). Students will be introduced on how to use technological advancements in music such as the use of Garage Band, the music notation program Finale, along with incorporation of iPod’s, iPhones, IPads etc.  Students must supply their own iTechnology, (iPods, iPads, or iPhones not provided).  This class is located in the computer lab of Hines Hall.  Only 10 seats per class are available.

PIANO CLASS I: (No experience required). Instruction will be given on scales, exercises, technique, and repertoire.  This class is located in the Piano Lab in Hines Hall.  Only 12 seats per class are available.

PIANO CLASS II:  (Must complete Piano I or have experience).  Advanced instruction will be given on scales, exercises, technique, and repertoire.  This class is located in the Piano Lab in Hines Hall.  Only 12 seats per class are available.

MARCHING FUNDAMENTALS CLASS: Study of basic marching fundamentals, step, style, and types of performance.  Lectures, demonstrations, films and class participation in field lab studies are included.  This is a must for beginning band students. Bring a water bottle, water will be provided at the class sight!!  Class is located in the parking lot behind Mississippi Hall.

TENOR ENSEMBLE CLASS: Introduction to basic tenor drum techniques (i.e strike zones, tone production, fluid movement drum to drum, etc). This class will be located by the steps in front of Hines Hall.

INDOOR BRASS/WOODWIND MARCHING BAND CLASS: (High School only).  Students will learn more advanced drill and music for an indoor marching show.  This class is for wind players only (Percussion sign up for Marching Percussion Class).  Students, participating in the indoor marching class, must schedule Indoor Marching Class for both the first and second periods.  Class located in Bonner Arnold Coliseum.  This class will perform at the NEMCC Band Camp Exhibition.

BEGINNING DRUM MAJOR CLASS: (No experience or Middle school).  This class is an introductory course in basic conducting patterns, cues, marching, and leadership skills.  This class will perform at the NEMCC Band Camp Exhibition.   This class will be located in the Pavilion area behind Hines Hall.

DRUM MAJOR CLASS:  (High school only).  Extensive instruction in conducting patterns, cues, marching, leadership skills, and an introduction to vocal commands.  Students participating in the Drum Major class must schedule Drum Major class for first, second, sixth, and seventh periods.  This class will perform at the NEMCC Band Camp Exhibition.

MACE CLASS:  (High School only).   Introduction to the techniques of mace.  Emphasis on basics, routine, and salute.  Students must bring their own mace.  This class is located upstairs in Frank Haney Union.

GUARD ROUTINE/FUNDAMENTALS CLASS:  (Experience required).   A more in-depth look at the techniques of Color Guard.  Students will learn fundamentals and a routine.  At Guard Screening, experienced students will split into the Intermediate and Advanced classes.  These classes will be located either upstairs in Frank Haney Union or in Bonner Arnold Coliseum .  Students participating in the Guard Routine/Fundamentals class must schedule Guard Routine/Fundamentals Class for first, second, and seventh periods.  Sixth period is optional.  This class will perform at the NEMCC Band Camp Exhibition.

BEGINNING GUARD CLASS:  (No experience). This is an introductory course in the fundamentals of Color Guard. Students will learn the basic techniques of equipment handling, posture, and movement.  The Beginning Guard Class will learn a routine and participate in the NE Summer Band Camp Exhibition at the end of camp.  Students participating in Beginning Guard Class must sign up for this class for first, second, and sixth period blocks.  Beginning Guard will meet in the grove beside Anderson Hall.  Bring Water and wear sunscreen!!!

MOVEMENT CLASS:  Instruction in basic Stretches, Body Warm-ups, and Dance technique.  This class will include the topics of posture, projection, Across the Floors, and basic Barre` exercises.  This class will be split into two classes (Beginner & Advanced).  This class is recommended for all Color Guard campers.  Movement class is required for all Color Guard campers that are not in a band.  Color Guard campers (if not participating in the Band “track”), must sign up for Movement Class for fourth period.  Movement class is located in the Burgess Activity Center and Bonner Arnold Coliseum.  This class will perform at the NEMCC Band Camp Exhibition.

GUARD CAPTAINS’ CLASS:  (High School only).  Lecture and discussion forum on leadership, rehearsal structure, and cleaning techniques.  This class will also cover flag, uniform, and drill/routine design.  This class is located in Room #2 of Hines Hall.

GUARD WEAPONS CLASS I & II:  (Guard experience required).  An introductory and more in-depth look at the techniques of weapons (rifle & saber).  The class will focus on building weapon technique.  Level I is for rifle.  Level II is for saber (weapons experience required). Students must bring their own rifle and/or saber.  Equipment will not be provided. This class will be located Burgess Activity Center and Bonner Arnold Coliseum

LION’S BAND GUARD AUDITION PREP CLASS:  (Guard experience required).  Get a head start on preparing for Lion’s Band Auditions. The purpose of this course is to prepare the Color Guard student for upcoming Lion’s Band Auditions.  The class is designed to guide the participant through every aspect of auditions.  Topics to be discussed:  Routine, Attire, Movement, Judges’ Expectations, and Impromptu.  This class is located in Bonner Arnold Coliseum.