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Strojny Basketball Academy

Strojny Basketball & Dr. Fundamentals Skills Academy

Location Youngsville, LA
Event Date(s) Jul 27, 2020 to Jul 31, 2020
Ages 5 to 15
Grades Pre-K to 10th
This event is currently full.

Event Description


The Strojny Basketball Individual Skill Development Academy (iSD) is a week-long skill development academy specifically designed to equip players of every level with the necessary tools to advance to the next stage as a complete basketball player.  Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, at Strojny Basketball iSD, you will be separated into groups according to skill level, challenged daily, and taught basketball essentials and drills required to take your game to the next stage of development. Our week-long skill development academy is based on current development models being taught globally by some of the premier developmental camps, academies, and instructors around the globe. Our goals are simple, to improve the skill level of every player, regardless of ability level with an emphasis on mastery of the fundamentals by emphasizing ten core principals vital to becoming a complete basketball player.

1. Handling the ball: Court awareness, protecting the ball, shielding a defender. Correct ball handling drill mechanics will also be modeled and taught daily to ensure the right habits are being reinforced at home, at practice, and during workouts. 
2. Correct Shooting Mechanics: Basic shooting mechanics will be taught to ensure proper mechanics are being reinforced. 
3. Productive Dribble Penetration: When to shoot and when to attack the rim. 
4. Seeing the Court: What are you looking for while on the court? What is your goal when the ball is in your hands? What is your goal when you are without the ball? 
5. Offensive and Defensive Rebounding: offensive and defensive positioning, reading the flight of the ball, footwork, and more.
6. Footwork: Correct foot placement while on the perimeter offensively and defensively. Correct foot placement while in the lane both offensively and defensively, and more. 
7. Reader a defender: When to cut, when to shoot, when to pass, and more. 
8. Attacking One on One: Finishing moves at the rim, creating space with the ball, and reading the defender. 
9. Passing: When to pass, how to pass, and where to pass. 
10. On the ball and off-ball defense: proper on-ball defense, proper denial defense, and proper help-side defense, footwork, closeouts, defending a Rajon Rondo, defending a Ray Allen, and defending a Kobe Bryant. 
By the end of Strojny Basketball iSD, each player will have the necessary tools needed to work on becoming a complete basketball player.

July 27th - 31st, 2020
Ages: 5 - 15, Boys & Girls
Time: 1:00pm-5:00pm
Cost: $130

Location: Youngsville Sports Complex
801 Savoy Rd, Youngsville, LA 70592