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Michigan Blue Chip Softball Camp

2021 Summer Slam Tournament

Location Byron Center, MI
Event Date(s) Jul 15, 2021 to Jul 18, 2021
Ages 13 to 18
Grades 7th to 12th
This event has been completed.

Event Description

2021 Summer Slam Tournament

July 15th - 18th
Who: 14U, 16U & 18U Teams
Entry Fee: $920 (No Gate Fees Collected on Site)

Deposit: $75 Non-Refundable
Registration Opens on June 22, 2020.
Full Payment / Remaining Balance is Due By February 1st.

Event is a college exposure tournament for 14U, 16U and 18U softball teams.   Entry Fee: $920 (No Gate Fees Collected on Site).  Five games (Weather permitting).  We will accept a maximum of 32 teams at 14U, 64 at 16U, and 32 at 18U.

Over 200 college coaches in Michigan and other close by States will be invited to come and recruit.  We cannot guarantee their participation.  Last year, we had over 40 schools attend.

Hosted at

  • Whistle Stop Park, 2120 - 76th Street, Byron Center, MI  49315.
  • Bicentennial Park, 8189 Byron Center Ave SW Byron Center, MI 49315
  • South Christian Sports Park, 7979 Kalamazoo Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI 49508
  • Moline Softball Fields, 1148 144th Ave., Wayland, MI 49348
  • Byron Center Sports Complex, 8638 Byron Center Ave SW, 49315

Lodging – BCS, LLC  has a stay to play policy.  If you will be reserving hotel rooms, they must be done through our program or you will not be admitted to the tournament.  If you change at any point and do not use this program, your team will be charged $225.  Reservation information can be found here: https://info4832536.wixsite.com/sds-tts/bluechipsoftball.

Local teams not needing lodging are exempt.  Contact Matt Houseman at: matt.bluechipsoftball@gmail.com for questions or more information

Entry Refund Policy: No refunds of entry fee if tournament is cancelled due to weather. No refunds given to teams that withdraw less than 120 days prior to the tournament’s start date. • Refund Policy once the tournament begins: - If no (0) games are played a refund of 60% of each team’s tournament registration fee will be given. If games are played (at least one round played to completion) the registration fee is fully earned and no refunds will be given.  If tourney must be cancelled due to act of God, prior to the start, teams will be refunded 80% of their entry fee.

Contact Brad Koch at: mibluechip@gmail.com  for questions or more information.

IN CASE OF RAIN…Tournament Director may have to adjust schedule – this procedure will not be debatable.   Tournament updates will be sent on our Remind app.  Please join the group promptly once link is sent.

Tournament Format & Rules- Pool play with 2 games (weather permitting) with 1 hour 20 minute (drop dead time limit).  Pool games are exposure games and wins and losses do not affect seeding.  You may bat the roster and freely substitute and make changes in order to give your athletes maximum exposure.  For example, if a coach is there and wants to see an athlete do something in particular, put her in and let her do it if you choose. 

All teams then play in a pre-seeded, blindly drawn, single elimination Championship Bracket on Bracket games are 1 hour 30 minute (no new inning time limit).  If you lose game one of bracket play, you then enter a Consolation Bracket that will be played out to a Consolation winner.  In all bracket play, you may still bat the roster if you choose but no free substitution (on offense) as described below in pool play games.  If you are batting the roster, you may sub freely on defense.  No time limit for Championship game.  ITB will be used in bracket play for all games tied after 7 or after time expired, including the championship game.  Always be prepared to start early if situation allows.

Game results will be posted on Tourney Machine app as close to real time as possible.

Home team will be determined by flip with umpires prior to start of game. The score should be verified between the two teams and the umpire at regular intervals during game.  Please report final score to the main tent or by texting to 616-822-4567

MERCY RULE - 15 runs after 3 innings, 12 after 4 innings, and 8 runs after 5 innings.  Rule will apply to both Pool Play and Bracket

Tournament will follow NHFS Game Rules unless otherwise stated for special rules improvised by the tournament as follows:

Teams may bat the entire roster if they choose.  Courtesy runners are allowed for the pitcher or catcher (and no one else) at any time.  The runner must be someone who is currently not in the batting line up or if batting roster, the player who made the most recent out.  In the event that both pitcher and catcher reach base in the same inning and a 2nd courtesy runner is needed, the out before the most recent should be used.  The same girl shall not be the courtesy runner more than once per inning.  We will also use the We will also use the We will also use the NCAA Look Back Rule at 1st base.  The rule that allows the runner to run through the bag and advance to 2nd base prior to re-touching 1st base.

We are looking to keep games on time and play as many innings as possible.  So, first inning each team will be allowed three (3) warm-up pitches and one throw down by catcher & infield and outfield warm-up allowed in first inning only. All innings after the first will be one warm-up pitch and throw down by the catcher and no infield-outfield warm-ups.  Make sure your leadoff batter is prepared to step in box after the pitcher’s first warm-up pitch. Play will be resuming quickly –umpires will be enforcing this for it allows a better opportunity of teams playing their seven innings. PLEASE MAKE YOUR PLAYERS AWARE PRIOR TO GAME OF THIS WARM-UP RULE AND HAVE THEM HUSTLE ON AND OFF THE FIELD.  EACH COACH WILL BE RESPONSIBLE TO HAVE THEIR TEAMS PREPARED TO RESUME PLAY QUICKLY FROM DEFENSE TO OFFENSE.

SPORTSMANSHIP DURING TOURNAMENT WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.  All players and coaches are expected to behave in a professional manner.  No inappropriate behavior will be tolerated.  All games are to be played in a respectful manner towards players, coaches, umpires and fans.  No profanity will be accepted.  Umpire-in-chief will have final authority on all matters regarding a game dispute.  ANY EJECTIONS … YOUR NEXT GAME WILL BE SAT OUT … NO APPEALS.  We have a responsibility as coaches to set the example of proper game conduct. There will be no inappropriate behavior towards umpires, a judgment call is exactly that , an umpires judgment.  You can make the players and fans have a respect for the game … if you display that respect in a leadership role.