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Rivals Combine Series

Rivals Combine Series Volunteer Participant Registration

This event has been completed.

Event Description


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Rivals Camp Series!

Without supportive volunteers like yourself, we cannot operate our events for your athletes.

We will have some on-field opportunities, as well as other duties that will be assigned, when you arrive at the event location on the day of the event.

Examples of on-site responsibilities:

  • Registration/Check In
  • Athlete Measurement Tents
  • Athlete Photo Tent
  • On-Field Testing (40 Yard Dash, Vertical, Shuttle, etc.)
  • Social Media Tent

For volunteering at the Rivals Camp Series you will receive a Rivals branded shirt, Gatorade product, and lunch. This is also a great opportunity to get event/operational and coaching experience added to your resume from top brands and former NFL coaches!


  • Saturday Rivals Combines
    • Volunteer 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
  • Sunday Rivals Camps (OPTIONAL)
    • Volunteer 7:30 am - 3:30 pm
    • High school coaches who work the combine will have first access to coaching in the camp the following day.
  • *Once you register as a participant volunteer you will receive additional information about the exact location of the event in your confirmation email!


  • Athlete registration for the AM Sessions begins at 8:00 am and will close at 9:30 am.
  • Athlete registration for the PM Sessions begins at 12:30 pm and will close at 2:00 pm.
    • NOTE: the combine is a continuous flow so there is no official start and stop time for each athlete.
  • The combine will end when the final registered athlete completes all combine tests.

Coaches who would like to nominate a player can send information as well as a video link to RivalsFootballCamps@yahoo.com.

If you know other individuals who would like to volunteer, we encourage you to participate in our Volunteer Referral Program to earn some extra cash! For every 5 people that you refer and that volunteer their time at the event, we will pay you a referral fee of $50. This program only applies to the Rivals Combine.


  • Candidates must be 18 years old
  • To qualify, all individuals MUST be registered through the link, www.RivalsVolunteer.com prior to the Thursday before your combine weekend.
    • Onsite recruiting is not permitted.
  • On the Thursday prior to the Combine, a list of names (First & Last) who you have volunteering to work the Combine must be emailed to Zach Elder zelder@reigningchamps.com
  • All individuals MUST be onsite for their sessions volunteer check-in and MUST stay for the entirety of the session.
  • Referral payments will be given at the end of each Combine Session. Referrals are in increments of 5.
    • 5 referrals = $50
    • 10 referrals = $100


  1. Email Zach Elder at zelder@reigningchamps.com that you are interested in participating in the Referral Program
  2. Share the Volunteer Registration link, www.RivalsVolunteer.com, with your network
    1. All candidates must be registered through the volunteer link to qualify.
  3. On the Thursday prior to the Combine, a list of names (First & Last) who you have volunteering to work the Combine must be emailed to Zach Elder zelder@reigningchamps.com

Zach Elder at zelder@reigningchamps.com

If you know others who would like to volunteer, we appreciate your help getting the word out! Please forward the following link to who you see fit www.RivalsVolunteer.com.


  • With the growing concerns surrounding Coronavirus, we want to reassure athletes and parents that Rivals is closely monitoring the situation and has taken proactive measures to protect athletes and prevent the spread of illness at Rivals Camp Series events.
  • As a precaution, there will be additional hand sanitizer, tissue and disinfectant wipes available at all Rivals Camp Series events. We will also be increasing regularly scheduled cleanings of equipment and sterilizing all gear.
  • At this time, all Rivals Camp Series events will continue as scheduled.
  • We ask athletes who are showing any signs of illness or have been exposed to anyone who has showed signs of illness to please stay home. We also ask athletes who are recovering from illness to please wait at least 24 hours after the absence of symptoms before attending an event.
  • We strongly encourage you to consult the CDC’s website for the latest information on the Coronavirus and the recommended methods to protect yourself and others from contracting or spreading illness.
  • You can view the 2021 Rivals Combine and Camp Guidelines HERE. These guidelines to ensure all parties understand the expectations of the event.