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Bloomington Soccer

Summer Soccer Goalkeeper Camp | 2022 BHSS

Location Bloomington, IN
Event Date(s) May 31, 2022 to Jun 3, 2022
This event has been completed.

Event Description

Summer Soccer Goalkeeper Camp | 2022 BHSS | June 6-9 May 31st - June 3rd

This camp is offered for goalkeepers or players that are interested in becoming a goalkeeper. These camps are for ages 6-18U, Age groups will generally fall in the 6-7, 8-12, and 13-18.

The mission of the Bloomington Soccer’s Goalkeeper camp is to offer professional training for all players at any skill level.  The design of the program is a fun, but challenging age appropriate environment aimed at players development.  Goalkeeping is all about agility, game vision and high speed reflects. The camp will work with players to create well rounded athletes. Success of a Goalkeeper requires a wide array of athletic skills; namely power, quick reflexes, great body control, quickness, fitness, endurance, and agility all working together to form proper techniques that are all critical for the success at the position.

Every player receives a Bloomington Soccer Goalkeeper Jersey

Registration is now open!

Camp Location: Bloomington High School South (BHSS)

New Camp Date: June 6 - 9
Date has changed to May 31st - June 3rd

Ages 6 - 7: will play from 9AM-10:00AM, The Fee is $125.00

Ages 8 - 12:  will play from 9AM-11:00AM, The Fee is $249.00

Ages 13 - 18:  will play from NOON-5:00PM (break 2-3), The fee is $349.00

Full-Day Ages 12 - 18: Camp Hours 9AM-5PM, Lunch/Break 11:00-NOON and 2:00PM-3PM, The Fee is $399.00

Eligibility: Camp is open to any and all participants 8-18, pre-college. NCAA Legislation allows high school graduates to attend camp.

The camp will focus on an array of instruction teaching techniques to take their training & in-game performance to the next level:

  • Specialized sessions that focus on detailed specifics of the position with ample time to execute the exercise for on hand learning and instruction takeaways
  • Specific technique and instruction driven events that specialize in Tactical, Technique and Moments of game scenarios
  • Strength and conditioning drills to help improve performance for explosive movements at a moment’s notice.

Expectations, Goals, and take away from Camp for continued success:

  1. Become a coach on the field, a goalkeeper who effectively organizes & directs his or her teammates from an optimal viewpoint to exudes confidence and becomes a true leader.
  2. Have the required passing skills and tactical awareness to make correct decisions under pressure and be an effective first line of attack.
  3. Have the ability to read the game by correct positioning in order to deal with through balls, space between the defensive line, deal effectively with crosses and eliminate the opponents goal scoring chances.
  4. Obtain the necessary athleticism, quickness and technical skills to be able to deal with penalty kicks,  1v0/1v1/2v1/2v0/3v2 and so on situations, shots on goal, reaction/reflex saves. and set piece organization.

Please contact coach Matt Henderson at bloomingtionsoccerleague1@gmail.com with any questions or concerns!