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Acie Earl Hosted Basketball Events

Venom Sports Dribbling and Shooting featuring Kenya Earl | North Dodge

Event Date(s) May 26, 2024
Grades 2nd to 12th
This event has been completed.

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Event Description

Acie Earl Hosted Basketball Events

Venom Sports Dribbling and Shooting featuring Kenya Earl | North Dodge

Coach acie earl ex hawkeye and nba player from celtics ,raptors and bucks will oversee and direct his camp coaches.   

As a new feature the camp will be ran by Coach Earls daughter Kenya Earl.  Kenya is the oldest daughter of Coach Earl , a 3.5 year varsity starter at Iowa City high school with 2 state appearances.  Kenya left City high as  the all time leader in free throw  percentage.   

Kenya went on to attend Lawrence University and set the all time scoring record for mens and women's players with 1610 career points.  Kenya made the all conference team in each of her 4 seasons and left with over 13 school  team records.  Kenya now coaches AAU/ Travel team ball for the last 3 seasons for Pure Prep and All Iowa Attack and also trains kids like her dad Coach Earl.    

May 26th, 2024
Grades: 2nd - 12th, Boys & Girls (Fall '24)
Cost: $28 ($25 + $3 Fee)
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Monthly Discounts:
Register during March - $10 off
Register during April - $5 off
Location: North Dodge

Adds Ons:
Venom Sports, Phenom or 55 Shirt (1 Sided) - $10 || (With name or number - 2 Sided - additional $5)
Shooting Sleeve or Leggings - $20
Phenom or Venom Sports Polar Camel 32oz Yeti Style Water Bottle - $35
(Red, White, Silver, Blue, Yellow, Green or Black and can be customized with player's name)

Free gift for each kid that registers!
Choose which gift you would like during registration.

Option 1: NBA Legends 2024 All Star Game Backpack
Option 2: Wireless Headphones
Option 3: NBA Legends Hat

My name is Kenya Earl. I am from Iowa City, and I graduated from City High in 2017. I played basketball at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin where I became the all-time leading scorer for men’s and women’s. I majored in Biology with an Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor. I coached 8th and 11th grade at Iowa Prep for three seasons. I currently coach the 9th grade All Iowa Attack East team. I played as a small forward where I liked to play inside as well as out on the perimeter. I also do individual training sessions. 

The camp will not only focus on just getting out there to shoot and dribble, but the fundaments behind those two things. As I am in my 4th season of coaching, a lot of kids I’ve seen are missing the basics and because of that, they are struggling to do more advanced things. The camp will focus on: 
  • Handling the ball with pressure 
  • Different ways to score and how to deal with contact 
  • Footwork
  • And expanding your game beyond one 1 position. 

For questions, or more information, please contact the Regional Director below.

Acie Earl-Venom Sports
E-mail: coachaearl@aol.com
Phone: (319) 430-2537

Refund Policy:

  • 30 days and over - 50% of camp fee paid or full camp future credit
  • 15 -29 days - 25% of camp fee paid or full camp future credit
  • 7-14 days -12% of camp fee paid  or full camp future credit
  • 6 days an under - future camp credit