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Colgate Swim Camp

Learn To Swim Program | Week 2

Location Hamilton, NY
Event Date(s) Apr 9, 2018 to Apr 12, 2018
This event has been completed.

Event Description


Week 2: April 9th - 12th
Session 1: 5:00pm - 5:25pm | Cost: $50
Session 2: 5:35pm - 6:00pm | Cost: $50
Attend Two Weeks For $95  |  Attend Three Weeks For $140
Competitive Swimmer: 5:00pm - 6:00pm | Cost: $75
Attend Two Weeks For $145  |  Attend Three Weeks For $210

Swim Groups
Pre-School Level 1: For Non-swimmers, this program is designed for children who have little to no water experience or are afraid of the water. The objectives of this program are to introduce children to water and work towards becoming comfortable in the water. Students will learn water safety and begin basic swimming skills (floating with assistance, basic locomotion and submerging face in water). The goal is to ensure each child has an awareness and safety in the water.

Pre-School Level 2: For beginning swimmers, this program is designed for children who are comfortable with their face submerged in water and have basic water skills. Children should be able to perform all skills from Pre-school Level 1. Pre-School Level 1 safety and skills will be reviewed and children will continue work on safety and skills – learning to float unassisted, continue locomotion with the goal to have each child swim 3-5 body lengths unassisted and entrance into the water.

School Age Level 1: For new swimmers, this program is designed for children who can complete skills in Pre-School Level 2 – all skills will be reviewed. Freestyle & Backstroke will be introduced & instructors will also introduce diving into water- dolphin & flutter kicks. The programs goal is that each child will be able to dive into water and swim 1 length of the pool.

School Age Level 2: For experienced swimmers, this program focuses on Stroke Development & Improvement – reviewing School Age Level 1 skills and introducing breaststroke and butterfly strokes and improving upon all 4 strokes. The goal of this program is to be introduced to all 4 Strokes and a “swim team” environment.

Competitive Swimmer: For the competitive swimmer only, the coach will NOT be in the water – rather they will be given direct competitive & focused workouts covering all strokes, starts, finishes and turns.

Colgate Swim Camps are open to any and all entrants, limited only by number, age, grade level, and/or gender.