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Michigan Sports Camps - Swimming


Location Ann Arbor, MI
Event Date(s) Jul 31, 2022 to Aug 4, 2022
This event has been completed.

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Event Description

The Michigan Swim Camp is designed to provide each competitive swimmer with the opportunity to improve their pursuit of excellence, both in and out of the water.  It is open to any and all participants limited only by age, specified number of campers, and the ability to swim the competitive strokes.  This is not a learn to swim camp.  During online registration campers will select from one of two tracks.

The Technique Track is desigend for individual and group instruction in fundamental and advanced stroke skills, starts, and turn techniques.  A daily optional training workout is available in addition to the three instructional/practice sessions daily.  Yardage in this one hour workout varies from 3,000-3,600 yards depending upon ability.

This track is a skill acquisition curriculum which begins with basic body balance and progresses to swimming with maximum efficiency (i.e. fewest number of strokes per length).  This is the foundation for all fast swimming.  Starts, turns, functional dryland training, nutrition education, team building, True Colors assessment, Mindset education, and mental training are part of this comprehensive curriculum.  Swimmers are filmed dailly and their HD video is viewed and critiqued in written form.  Swimmers are encouraged to use their phone cameras to video their strokes and the coach's assessment.

This track is designed for:  the younger swimmer (12 & under) in need of better technical skills; the older swimmer who is relatively new to the sport; high school swimmers who do not train year-round; and the skilled swimmer who needs a week of technical fine tuning without the added stress of intensive workouts.

The use of a front mount snorkel is strongly recommended.

The Intensive Training Track challenges swimmer to embrace the importance of team,to look at technique in new ways, and to learn how to work snmarter as well as harder in practices.  Athletes will leave this camp with a new understanding of the sport and a desire to make themselves and those around them better.

This track is designed for swimmers 12 and older who have high aspirations in competitive swimming.  Swimmers will be divided into training groups based upon the workout focus and the ability level of the swimmer.  The daily schedule involves two in-water training workouts and one dryland workout and instructional sessions.  Threshold, VO2max, lactate tolerance, and maximal speed training are part of the in-water training program.  The evening session will be out of the water training with and emphasis on core strength, body awareness, and overall fitness.

Daily above water and underwater video review sessions will provide the backbone for each workout.  In addition each swimmer is videoed and receives a written stroke critique upon completion of the camp.

This track requires that swimmers arrive in shape and training at full capacity (e.g. ~40,000 yds/week) as daily volume averages between 8,000 and 10,000 yards.

A competent level of skill in all four strokes is required.  It is important not to "push" younger swimmers into this track.  We need to provide the best group cohesion, training volumes, and injury prevention.

Recommended equipment:  hand paddles; pull buoy; fins; kickboard; and front mount snorkel.