UW - Oshkosh Swimming

Butterfly Clinic

Location Oshkosh, WI
Event Date(s) Jun 26, 2017 to Jun 29, 2017
Event Status This is a completed event. Please check back later for upcoming event dates and to register online.
Ages 9 to 18
This Event is not open for registration.

Event Description


The UWO Stroke Clinics are designed to teach and communicate the importance of efficient swimming. These clinics are intended to make significant improvements in stroke, start, and turn techniques. It is our belief that technical efficiency is the quickest way to make time improvements. We address one stroke per clinic to maximize a total understanding of that specific stroke. This is to ensure adequate time to begin building new neural patterns. We will spend time body position, balance, and rotation, undulation, and a number of different stroke drills.  We will video above and below the surface to see the stroke and its strengths and weaknesses. We will emphasize the importance of kicking and work together on increasing the speed of the starts and turns. For freestyle, butterfly, and breaststroke it is very helpful to have a front mounted snorkel.

  Butterfly Clinic | June 26th - 29th
 AGES: 9 - 18
 *Club or HS Swimming Experience Required
 TIME: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

LOCATION: Albee Hall & Pool

REFUND POLICY: Your fee will be refunded without question if you cancel your enrollment two weeks prior to the first day of the clinic. Any time after this point, refunds will be made for medical reasons only. Requests for refunds must be made in writing and accompanied by a signed excuse from a physician. Athletes who leave during the week due to illness or injury will receive a prorated refund based on the number of sessions attended. Requests must be made in writing by August 31st.