Arkansas River Valley Wildland Fire Academy

Basic Fire | S-130, S-190, L-180, I-100 | May 13th - 17th

Location Russellville, AR
Event Date(s) May 13, 2019 to May 17, 2019
Event Status This is a completed event. Please check back later for upcoming event dates and to register online.

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Event Description

Basic Fire | S-130, S-190, L-180, I-100


Basic Wildland Fire Suppression Orientation is a video which provides essential information for personnel interested in wildland fire management. It may be used as a companion to S-130, Firefighter Training, and is particularly useful for indoctrination of non-fire management employees to the world of wildland fire. The video provides information on personal preparedness and responsibility, mobilization, incident procedures, proper clothing and equipment, and living conditions in wildland fire camps.

• Provide new personnel and non-fire management employees with introductory information about wildland fire management.

S-130/L-180-This course is designed to provide entry level firefighters skills. Field time is encouraged, and many of the units are set up so they can be taught in either the classroom or the field. The field exercise for Unit 12 is required. A version of L-180, Human Factors on the Fireline, has been included as part of this course. Credit should be issued for both S-130 and L-180 upon completion of this course.

S-190-This course provides instruction in the primary factors affecting the start and spread of wildfire and recognition of potentially hazardous situations. S-190 is typically taught in conjunction with or prior to Basic Firefighter Training, S-130.

I-100- Introduction to Incident Command System

Basic Fire | Cost: $175 (Includes Breakfasts & Lunches)

All classes on Monday May 13th will begin at 0900 (CT).

On all other days, classes will begin at 0800 (CT).

Classes are scheduled to end each day by 1700 (CT).

Course Components and Hours to Complete

  • Pre-selection assessment N/A
  • Pre-course work N/A
  • Online training 15 minutes
  • Instructor-led training N/A
  • Total Hours 15 hours

Target Group
Personnel without previous wildland fire position experience.

Minimum Instructor Qualifications

Course Prerequisites

Course Level