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Range Masters Iowa

Iowa Permit To Carry Weapons Class | Oct 12th

Location Clive, IA
Event Date(s) Oct 12, 2019
This event has been completed.

Event Description

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Iowa Permit To Carry Weapons Class
October 12th 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM $100

Please READ before applying on line.
You must take the class first to receive your certificate for us. This is very important because some Sheriff's offices are requiring that you upload a "Copy of your certificate in COLOR".

Range Masters Iowa
Basic Permit To Carry Weapons Class Information

Note: Ammunition and weapon is included if the student does not have one.

***** ATTENTION ******

The Training Division of the National Rifle Association recently announced changes to the Basic Pistol course. Basic Pistol is frequently used by many instructors as part of the training to obtain a concealed carry license in Ohio.

As noted on the NRA Blog:

In a nutshell, the optional shooting skill requirement that is currently in the basic practical rocker worksheet will become a standard skill requirement in each basic shooting discipline.

The Basic Practical Rocket worksheet notes four requirements for passage.
Requirement #1: Demonstrate safe gun handling at all times.
Requirement #2: From a supported position at 15 feet, shoot three, five-shot groups that touch a 9-inch diameter circle. (Practice Session)
Requirement #3: From a supported position at 15 feet, make the necessary sight adjustments (or sight picture adjustments) and shoot three, five-shot groups that can touch a 9-inch diameter circle. (Qualifying Course)

The NRA has integrated these requirements into the Basic Pistol lesson plans and made them available for download, which is required for all instructors teaching Basic Pistol. Click here to download.

All concealed carry instructors using Basic Pistol as part of their concealed carry curriculum are required to adhere to these new standards. Please help us spread the word by forwarding this story to other instructors you know

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