University of Northern Colorado - Baseball

Future Bears Throwing Clinic

Location Greeley, CO
Event Date(s) Feb 1, 2019
Grades 9th to 12th
This event has been completed.

Event Description

University of Northern Colorado Baseball
2019 Future Bears Throwing Clinic ft. Anthony Brady of Driveline Baseball

Date: Friday, February 1st
Who: Future Bears (9th - 12th Grades)
Session 1: 5:00 - 7:00pm
Session 2: 6:00 - 8:00pm
Session 3: 7:00 - 9:00pm
Location: Northern Colorado Baseball School
Clinic Cost: $129
Optional Rapsodo / Biomechanics Analysis: $59

Throwing Camp - Introduction to Plyocare and Catch Play($129):
The University of Northern Colorado baseball program is teaming up with former Bears pitcher Anthony Brady, Driveline Baseball Biomechanist and Trainer, to provide a unique opportunity to learn protocols taught at Driveline Baseball.

Anthony Brady will be the lead instructor and will provide expertise in all aspects of this camp. This camp will cover:

  • WARM UP – what is important and why
  • PLYOCARE drills – correct form/cues and what drills to do and what they are teaching us
  • CATCH PLAY protocols – how to monitor volume and intensity on daily basis
  • **OPTIONAL** Bullpen – Rapsodo data and Biomechanics analysis (detailed info below)
  • RECOVERY routine – how to maximize health and development through recovery

PLYOCARE drills are a useful tool and a staple in the UNC program, but they are one that needs to be implemented into throwing programs correctly. This clinic will provide a critical introduction to how to do these drills with proper execution and how to best program them into your daily routine.

Participants will get hands on training and feedback from Coach Brady. Other instructors will include Nick Childs, UNC Pitching Coach, and UNC pitchers who have trained at Driveline.

Rapsodo and Biomechanics Instructional Add-On Option ($59):
For an additional $59 participants will get the opportunity to get on the mound to throw a short bullpen. Slow-motion video and Rapsodo data on spin rate, axis, etc. will be collected and used for instruction on what it tells us. This will be emailed to each participant after camp and will include an instructional action plan from Coach Childs and Coach Brady on how to use the information moving forward.

  • Rapsodo Analysis: Coach Childs will assess all Rapsodo data and provide a summary of how this information can help develop arsenal of pitches. Rapsodo provides information about our pitches that we simply cannot see with the naked eye. UNC Baseball uses this information to assess our pitching arsenal, how to best use each pitch in competition, and how to develop to maximize our capabilities as a pitching staff.
  • Video Assessment: Coach Brady will analyze slow-motion video of each pitcher from two angles and provide an instructional assessment of how to maximize development and potential red flags for future injury. This will include instruction on specific drills to address these needs and why they are important.

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