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St Cloud State - Mens Basketball

Virtual Camps

Location St. Cloud, MN
Event Date(s) May 18, 2020 to Jun 14, 2020
Ages 5 to 14
This event has been completed.

Event Description

2020 Virtual Camps

May 18th - June 14th
Ages: 5 - 14
Cost: $15/week

Virtual Camp Information
With access to gyms and basketball camps remaining difficult for players, our coaching staff has created multiple follow-along workout series. The workouts will focus on Footwork, Ball Handling, Balance, Passing, Form Shooting and other various skills. We will also be incorporating some  Shooting and Finishing around the rim as well. We will focus on having the base and fundamentals of skills in place so when we get back in the gym, we can pick up where we left off! The SCSU Coaching Staff and Players will strive to keep videos filled with energy and motivation to help players have fun while improving their game. These skills will be geared towards ages 11+ but will be available for ages 5 and up. The challenge for the younger kids will be a great way to improve!

  1. Workouts will be 25-30 minutes long depending on the focus of that day.
  2. Player receives video instruction and demonstration for the skill/drill to be performed.
  3. Player is told how many repetitions to perform on their own and then will reach a “pause” screen where they then will pause the video.
  4. As the video is paused, players will complete the instructed skill/drill. After the drill is completed, the player will then return to their screen and press play to resume the video and receive the next set of instruction.
  5. Shooting and Finishing around the rim will be at the end of each day, for those who have access to a hoop.

On average, this cycle will consist of 30-45 seconds of video instruction from our coaches followed by 3-4 minutes of players performing the intended skill/drills while the video is paused. This format gives players direction and coaching while also relieving the stress of falling behind on the video or constantly checking the screen. It also allows for the player to expand on a drill, if they feel they need more work in that area.

Registration will be open throughout the camp. You can sign up front for the entire month, or do it weekly.

After Registration:

  • You will receive an email from Coach Vaughan (tvaughan@stcloudstate.edu) letting you know you are signed up and details that will follow.
  • Workouts will be sent via a YouTube Link every weekday at 10:00 AM. The videos will be "unlisted" and only accessible via the link. The first video will be sent on May 25th. They will be accessible until July 1st. As long as you have the link, you will be able to redo any workouts you want too.

For any questions, contact Tyler Vaughan tvaughan@stcloudstate.edu / (320) -336-8488

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