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For those opting to pay by check: AFTER you have submitted our online form, please drop your check (payable to Blue Jay Nation) by Liberty High School in the Blue Jay Nation box or mail your check to: Blue Jay Nation @ Liberty High School /  200 Blue Jay Drive / Liberty, MO 64068.

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► Platinum +2
Save $6!
  • 4 Blue Jay Nation PTSA memberships
  • 2 Blue Jay Nation parent t-shirts
  • 2 Student Blue Crew t-shirts
  • 2 car decals
  • 50% of your membership fee goes directly to 1 or 2 clubs of your choice.
  • Sign up by June 30 and receive an additional benefit of an Adult Athletic 10 Punch Pass. ($50 value)
  • After June 30 you will receive an Adult Athletic 5 Punch Pass. ($25 value)

Notice - those of you using a computer from your work place or school to signup "might" experience issues due to building / office firewall or other protective settings. If you experience an issue, try from a computer outside of your workplace.