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Diamond Direction Events

Prospect Camp Carolinas #2| August 8th

Location Rock Hill, SC
Event Date(s) Aug 8, 2019
Grades 7th to 12th
This event is currently full.

Event Description

Prospect Camp

August 8th
Grad Years: 2020,2021,2022,2023,2024
Check In: 10am-10:30
Warm-Up: 10:30-11am
Camp Time: 11am-4pm
Cost: $325 per Camper
Limit: By Positions

The Diamond Direction Prospects Select Camp is designed to showcase your skills to a selection of DI, DII and DIII coaches.  We will be allowing 125 maximum participates to attend this camp.  Out of the 125 total participates allowed in this camp; we will be limited by position and graduation year.  YOU choose if you want to showcase being a pitcher, catcher, or defensive athlete when your team rotates to primary position or defense. You can move around when you rotate to situational defense. The athletes will rotate through fields working on defensive footwork, skills, and receiving a lot of reps to show their defensive capabilities, offensive skills and mechanics, speed and baserunning skills, and pitchers/catchers will get to rotate through and show their strengths as well. This camp will also have live game play to showcase your skills in a game environment. This camp will leave your athlete tired and well watched from our incredible array of coaches present. Limited teaching will occur in this camp format, as we want your athlete to get a ton of reps in while showcasing their strengths!

Softball Rebellion Hitting Analytics

Diamond Direction Camps is proud to partner with Softball and Baseball Rebellion to bring objective, third-party,
hitting metrics that coaches at all levels understand and want!

  • Each Hitter will have their swing and batted ball data tracked
  • Hitters will have their data directly sent to them to send out to college coaches of their choice
  • The information will also be sent out to every college coach who has attended a Diamond Direction Event (Over 150 Coaches from the D1, D2, D3 and JuCo Levels!)

Swing Data using Blast Motion:

Bat Speed: How quickly (in Miles Per Hour) the bat is turned in the swing from start to barrel impact.

Attack Angle: The angle of the bat’s path, at contact, relative to horizontal. A positive value indicated swing up, and a negative attack angle indicates swinging down, where zero is exactly level.

Time to Contact: The elapsed time between start of swing and impact. How efficient and quickly the bat gets to contact from the time the bat first begins its descent to contact

Batted Ball Data using HitTrax/Rapsodo:

Exit Velocity: Measures the speed of the baseball in Miles Per Hour (MPH) as it comes off the bat.

  • Average Exit Velocity: The average of all batted balls in a sessions exit velocity.
  • Max Exit Velocity: The hardest hit ball in MPH during a session.

Distance: Shows the total distance (in feet) of the batted ball

  • Average Distance: The average distance of all batted balls in a session.
  • Max Distance: The farthest batted ball in a session.

Launch Angle: Represents the vertical angle at which the ball leaves a player's bat after being struck.

  •  Ground ball: < 10 degrees
  •  Line drive: 10-28 degrees
  •  Fly ball: 28-48 degrees
  •  Pop up: Greater than 48 degree

 This camp is designed for the elite softball player. Registering for this camp as a beginner could put the athlete in injury prone situations. Skills covered in this camp will be pitching, catching hitting, fielding, throwing, base running and situational play.

Cherry Park - 1466 Cherry Rd. Rock Hill, SC 29732 

WHAT TO BRING | Each player must bring her own softball equipment. Players should bring a glove, bat, helmet, cleats and any other equipment they feel necessary to compete. Please bring tennis shoes for indoor facility.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION | This Camp is limited by position.

CANCELLATION POLICY | In order to be compliant with NCAA rules, please understand that any payment you make towards camp is non-refundable. If for some reason a camper cannot attend, please inform Diamond Direction at diamonddirectionevents@gmail.com  two weeks prior to the camp or clinic date and we will gladly forward your camp balance to be used towards for a different Diamond Direction Camp. . Please note that this does not reserve or hold your spot, you must still meet registration deadlines. If the camp director is not notified two weeks prior to the camp or clinic date, no forward will occur. If an individual cannot attend due to a medical reason, please provide a doctor’s note to diamonddirectionevents@gmail.com  and the balance will be forwarded, if the cancellation is made prior to camp. Finally, no refunds or balance forwards will be issued upon expulsion or voluntary withdrawal from camp.

All Diamond Direction Softball Camps or clinics are open to any and all entrants, limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender.