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Shannon Doepking Softball Camps

SU Fall Camp

Location Syracuse, NY
Event Date(s) Oct 13, 2019
Ages 12 to 22+
This event has been completed.

Event Description

SU Fall Camp

Hitting and Defense Instruction from Syracuse Softball Coaches.

October 13th

Age: 12-22
Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm
Cost: $250

Location: Syracuse Softball Stadium

What to bring: Each player must bring her own softball equipment. Batting helmet, batting gloves, bat, glove, sweats, cleats, tennis shoes, athletic clothing, water, and money for souvenirs. Catchers will need to bring their own gear.
Sample Camp Format
Day 1
  Warm up (Players)
  Catch throw receive explanation (Shippy)
  Catch throw receive tosses (Everyone)
  Split into positions
  Warm up arms
  • Infield/outfield= on the field (Shippy, Shannon, Alex)
  • Pitchers= bullpen and cages (Miranda, Lex)
  • Catcher=parking lot (Bryan)
  Positional breakdown
  Base Running (Shippy, Shannon)
  • Base running Balls in the air
    • Get off far enough to take next base if ball is dropped, but close enough to get back
    • Get off when you see jersey numbers
  • Reads in the gaps from 2nd and 3rd Angles
    • Ball trajectory
    • Ball in front of you
    • Don’t stop momentum
  • Angle down from 3rd
    • Taking ss up the middle
    • Ball to the right side of the field
  Warm up
  Hitting rotation x 3 stations
  •   Hitting on field (split screen) (15 ) (Bryan, Lex)
  • Shagging (15)
  • Cages (15) (Miranda, Alex)
    • Rebels rack
    • Pvc
    • Slant board
    • Bent front knee
    • Open stance
    • Happy Gilmore
  Split screen live hitting
Day 2
  Warm up (Players)
  Warm up arms
  Relay Race
  • 5 groups 10 in each group
    • relays of 5 people , down and back 3 times no dropping the ball
    • glove flips of 5 people around the circle 3 times no dropping the ball
    • trash can target practice must hit trash can 3 times, each player can only throw 2xs
  25 Players on the field
  • Live game off machine on field
  • Split 25 into 2 teams
  25 players in the cages
  • 2 front toss
  • 6 stations- on the ends of the cages hitting to side of cage and bullpen
    • Rebels rack
    • Bent knee
    • Stomp and turn
    • Pvc
    • High tee
    • Blast?
  Switch groups
  Warm up
  3 station rotations: 15 people in each rotation for 30mins each
  • basketball court= box drills throwing , ladder drills working on angles, small square to big square
  • cage= Bryan throwing, front toss
  • field= live balls off the bat
12:10-12:40   Start time
12:40-1:10   Rotate
1:10-1:40   Rotate
1:40-2:00   All Pitchers get warm
2:00- 3:00
  Pitchers throw live
  • 3 groups= shagging
  • Cages
  • Live