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Colorado State University - Softball

Winter Camps | January 22nd - 23rd

Location Fort Collins, CO
Event Date(s) Jan 22, 2022 to Jan 23, 2022
Grades 6th to College Junior
This event has been completed.

Event Description


The Colorado State Softball Winter Camp is for athletes in grades 6 - 12 who are looking to gain invaluable instruction to help them take their game to the next level.  The Winter Camp will focus on the development of the entire athlete.  There are a variety of sessions offered from hitting, catching, pitching, infield, outfield, slapping, and speed and agility training.  Campers will receive high quality instruction from the Colorado State coaching staff and players in the camper's desired concentrations.

For convenience and to allow for lower player to coach ratios, we are offering two options for our most popular sessions.  The topics covered in the early session will be the same as in the later session.  All pitchers MUST bring their own catcher that is available to catch them during the pitching session.  There will be NO extra catchers available.

This is a 2 day camp.  Campers will attend the same sessions they registered for on Saturday and Sunday.

January 22nd - 23rd
Grades: 6th - 12th/College/JUCO
Session 1 Time: 8:00 am - 9:30 am | Hitting, Pitching
Session 2 Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am | Catching, Infield, Short Game
Session 3: 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm | Outfield, Infield 2
Session 4: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm | Hitting 2, Speed / Agility & Sports Vision
Hitting Session Cost: $90
Pitching Session Cost: $80
Catching Session Cost: $80
Short Game: $70
Infield: $80
Outfield: $80
Speed & Agility / Sports Vision: $70

Location: Indoor Practice Facility (IPF) & AUX Gym

Camp Check In:
Time:   From 30 - 15 minutes prior to the start of your athletes first session.  You will only need to check in before your first session of the day.
Check In Location:  In the Aerobics Room of the Intramural Gym (see map attached).  The Intramural Gym is on the East Side of Moby Arena (on W. Plum Street).

Recommended Parking: For Saturday morning camp sessions & all Sunday sessions, it is recommended that you park in the Moby Parking lot & walk along the sidewalk on north side of the building.  Take a right at the stop sign & the doors to the Intramural gym will be on your right. EXCEPTION: Saturday January 15th FROM 11:00am-4:00pm there is a Women’s basketball game and the Moby Parking lot will be closed.  Vehicles may be ticketed and/or towed. We also recommend parking at the Lory Student Center (310) or Morgan Library (425) or other acceptable Q or W lots. (See map attached and/or this link:  http://ptsdata.colostate.edu/maps/mapside.pdf).
*If you are running late, we recommend dropping off the camper at the Intramural Gym & then finding a place to park.
*We are not responsible for any parking citations that may occur!  Please read all signs carefully!

Hitting:  Work from the ground up on how to get more power from your lower half.  Increase your ability to make solid and consistent contact by learning the proper fundamentals with your upper body.  Put it all together by working on your game approach.  This clinic will take you through the latest concepts and drills in Division I hitting.  You will go home with numerous drills that you can do on your own and you will understand concepts that will have an immediate impact on your offensive game!

Pitching: Learn the fundamentals, drills, and key theories on the cutting edge of softball pitching.  You won’t just be doing drills, you will be understanding the how and why of the drills.  Concepts of how to get the most out of your lower half, proper upper body mechanics, and movement pitches will be covered, as well as pitching mentality and game strategy.

Catching: Catcher defense often gets left off of the practice plan or is the first thing to go when practice time runs out.  Here you will learn some key drills that you can quickly and efficiently work into your daily practice and pre-game routines so that you can stay sharp.  You will be throwing runners out, blocking, shutting down your opponents’ short game, receiving throws, running the defense, and making your pitchers look good.  If you’re going to be doing some catching for your team, do not miss out on this opportunity to better yourself…after all, you are the “Quarterback” of the defense.

Short Game: This session is great for lefties AND righties.  As we all know, in a tight game or in championship level play, the short game can be the difference between winning and losing.  Sometimes practice time just gets away from us and coaches spend most of their time on hitting or slapping.  Have fun really breaking down the fundamentals of the short game.  Learn better mechanics now, so that when the game is on the line, your team can count on you!  Field placement, understanding how to read the defense, sacrifice, drag, push, surprise, squeeze, soft slap, and hard slap will be covered.

Infield: Break down the fundamentals of infield footwork, glove work and throwing mechanics.  But don’t stop there!  Speed up your transfers, and learn the basics of throwing from different arm slots, so even the fastest runners can’t beat you!  If you want to compete in the competitive world of the infield, then this is a must attend session for you.

Outfield: The last line of defense is often last priority on the practice plan, but you are crucial to the success of the team.  Attend this session and learn from some of the top outfielders in Division I softball.  Throwing, fielding, proper footwork, and communication will be stressed.  You will go away from this session with a much better understanding, appreciation, and PRIDE in being an outfielder.  Your coach will appreciate it when you are tracking balls down and throwing runners out!

Speed/Agility & Sports Vision:  For the first time ever, you can learn to train the way the Division I athletes do!  Learn the key movement concepts and drills that allow all athletes to maximize their quickness, speed, and explosiveness.  In addition, in the Sports Vision portion of the clinic, you will learn some secret techniques to help you see pitches better, get better reads on defense, and take extra bases at every turn.   Sports Vision began in MLB and is now being used at the highest levels of collegiate softball.  This session really is a must for all levels and will lay the foundation for better performance and enjoyment of the game.

Equipment Needed:
Turf or Tennis shoes ONLY.  Metal spikes are not allowed
Hitting and Short Game Sessions:  Bat, Helmet, Batting Gloves, and Tennis Shoes/Turf Shoes
Defensive Sessions: Fielders Glove, Catching equipment (if applicable), and Tennis Shoes/Turf Shoes
Pitchers:  Pitchers will need to provide their own PROPERLY EQUIPPED catcher.  One will not be provided for them. 
All Campers: Water Bottle & light snacks if you have back-to-back sessions.
Cleats will not be allowed in the IPF or AUX gym.


  • Attend 1 session & receive a camp t-shirt.
  • Attend 2 sessions & receive a camp t-shirt and 1 gift item.
  • Attend 3 sessions & receive a camp t-shirt and 2 gift items.
  • Attend 4 sessions & receive a camp t-shirt and 3 gift items.