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Marquette University - Men's Basketball

Team Camp

Location Milwaukee, WI
Event Date(s) Jun 15, 2019 to Jun 16, 2019
Event Status This is a completed event. Please check back later for upcoming event dates and to register online.
Ages 14 to 18
Grades 9th to 12th

Event Description

Team Camp

June 15th-16th

Who: Boys JV and Varsity High School Teams
9:30 AM - 6:00 PM, June 15
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, June 16
Cost: $100/one day
$200/both days

Each team will play 3 total games per day.
Each game will have Certified Officials.

Games are designed as the following:


  • 20 minute halves with a running clock.
  • Clock stops on dead balls ONLY during last minute of each half.
  • One 30 second time out per team first half only (clock will stop). Use it or lose it.
  • One full time out (one minute) per team - second half only (clock will stop).


  • Team fouls will be kept.
  • Common fouls will result in the ball out of bounds under 7 fouls.
  • On the 7th foul of each half, the team will receive 1 point and the ball for common fouls. Under 1 minute will result in 1and 1.
  • On the 10th foul of each half, the team will receive 2 points for a common foul and possession will change. Under 1 minute shoot 2 free throws.


  • The official score will be kept on a score sheet on each court.
  • Points are awarded as follows before 1 minute:
    a.) 1 point and the ball if fouled in the act of shooting and the ball does not go in.
    b.) 3 points if fouled in the act of shooting and the ball goes in.
    c.) 4 points if fouled in the act of shooting behind the arc and the ball goes in.
    d.) 1 point and the ball on a common foul with team at 7 fouls or over.
    e.) 2 points & change possession on a common foul with team at 10 fouls (super bonus).
  • Under one minute in each half normal game rules will apply: All free throws will be shot and the clock will be stopped as appropriate.


  • Substitute on dead balls only and on referee’s command.


  • The team listed FIRST on the schedule will be the HOME TEAM & Wear WHITE.
  • Possession will be determined by a jump ball at the beginning of the game. All other jump ball situations will be alternating possessions.
  • OVERTIME will consist of one minute. Jump Ball. The clock will stop. Free throws will be shot. No extra time outs will be awarded, but any unused time outs will carry over. 2nd Overtime will be Sudden Death: Jump Ball & First Basket or Free Throw.
  • Technical fouls or intentional fouls will result in automatic 2 points and the ball except during the last minute of each half or overtime when all free throws will be shot.

Location: Team Camp registration for all is at the Al McGuire Center 770 N 12th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233. Games will be played at the Al McGuire Center, Helfaer Rec Center 525 N 16th Street, Milwaukee WI 53233, and the MU Gym 1532 W Clybourn Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233.

Rooming accommodations for team camp: Any inquiries pertaining to residence hall accommodations for the Marquette basketball team camps, please reach out to Carrie Enea. Just call 414-288-7208 and ask to speak with Carrie Enea. She can also be reached via email at carrie.enea@marquette.edu. Carrie will check room availability and retrieve the necessary details to proceed with booking the reservation.

Download Team Camp Housing Details/Pricing (pdf)

We accept check or credit card. If mailing a check, we will have to sign you up on our end. Please make the check out to “Marquette University.” In the memo please write what school the check is for. You can mail the check to: Noreen Walsh 770 N 12th Street, Suite 111, Milwaukee, WI 53233. Please follow up with an email to marquettebasketballcamps@gmail.com indicating you mailed a check and we will complete registration.