Iowa State Cyclones Soccer Academy

Finishing & Goalkeeping Camp

Location Ames, IA
Event Date(s) Jun 9, 2019
This event has been completed.

Event Description



The Finishing and Goalkeeping Camp is an opportunity for athletes to work directly with the ISU women’s soccer staff, as well as the current Iowa State players, on finishing or goalkeeping depending on their respective position. The training sessions will be focused on providing each attacking camper with specific and individualized attention on shooting and finishing techniques. For goalkeepers, the training session will be focused on all aspects of the game including shot stopping, catching, positioning, footwork, etc. In addition, athletes will have the opportunity to compete in a competitive environment, where they can put their newly acquired knowledge of the game into practice. This is a great opportunity for athletes of all ages to refine their finishing and goalkeeping skills.

DAY 1 CHECK-IN: 8:30am - 9:00am
DAY 1: 9:00am - 5:00pm
COST: $125, Includes Lunch

NOTE: Registration is by position. You may register as a Field Player or Goalkeeper but not both.

FACILITIES: Sessions are held at the Cyclones Sports Complex.


  • soccer cleats
  • running shoes or indoor shoes (In case cleats start to hurt)
  • shin guards
  • soccer socks
  • water bottle
  • ball

Release & Medical Authorization
→ Release of Liability Portion Signed
→ Medical Authorization portion signed by a physician unless a current physical is provided dated within one year of the camp. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made!

IMPORTANT FOR PARENTS: After the camper has registered, a confirmation email will be sent out to each camper within 48 hours.

A follow up email will be sent two weeks prior to the start of each camp that will include check-in information, a release & medical authorization form, and directions.

REFUND POLICY: Up to seven days before the camp you registered for begins, you may receive 90% refund (10% administrative charge) in the event of illness, injury, or family emergency.

From six to two days before the camp you registered for begins, you may receive 50% refund (50% administrative charges) in the event of illness, injury, or family emergency.

Within 48 hours of the camp you registered for begins, there is no refund in the event of illness, injury, or family emergency.

The parent / guardian’s personal or injury insurance policy will be utilized as the primary insurance for the treatment of injuries and hospitalization of illness or injuries incurred during the sports camps.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Any questions regarding the Cyclones Soccer Academy may be directed to:

Cyclones Soccer Academy
Jacobson Athletic Building
Ames, IA 50011-1140
Attn: Megan Kerns


Cyclones Soccer Academy camps are open to any and all participants. These are not an Iowa State University Camps but are operated independently through the Cyclones Soccer Academy, LLC. The NCAA prohibits an ISU booster (other than a parent / guardian or close family member) from paying a portion of a campers camp fees. Permission to use ISU Trademarks is granted under agreement by Iowa State University.