Finlandia University Volleyball

Bridgefest Volleyball Tournament | Co-ed 4's

Location Hancock, MI
Event Date(s) Jun 18, 2017
Event Status This is a completed event. Please check back later for upcoming event dates and to register online.
This Event is not open for registration.

Event Description

Bridgefest Volleyball Tournament

ALL profits go to benefit the Finlandia University Women’s Volleyball Program

Sunday June 18th
Co-ed 4's
Who: Men & Women
Time: 10:00 am start
Cost: $20 per team
$5 per person
  • Teams must have at least one male and one female.
  • If more than one contact female must touch the ball before going over net.
  • Sets must be clean.
  • Block does not count as a contact meaning you still have 3 contacts afterward.
  • One toss per serving attempt.
  • Rally scoring.
  • Determine serve or side (rock, paper, scissors).
  • Pool play 2 sets to 21, must win by 2 points, switch sides each game.
  • Playoffs  = 2/3 with the 3rd set playing to 15 and teams switch sides at 8.
  • Elimination status to be determined based on #of teams involved.
  • If 4 or less, round robin (2 sets) for seeding, then playoff’s
  • 5-8 Double elimination
  • 8+ Single elimination

Any questions, please contact Kristan Schuster at 906-487-7391 or kristan.schuster@finlandia.ed