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St. Catherine University Volleyball

Serving and Passing Clinic

Location St. Paul, MN
Event Date(s) Jan 19, 2020
Ages 10 to 18
This event has been completed.

Event Description

Serving and Passing Clinic

This clinic will cover overhead serving techniques (float, jump float, and jump topspin) and serve receive techniques. We will break down each skill in order to help each person become more efficient, more consistent, and more effective servers and passers. Servers will work on their toss, balance, arm swing, accuracy. Serve Receivers will work on reading the server, footwork, posture, and platform control. 

January 19, 2020
AGES: 10 - 18
TIME: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
COST: $50

LOCATION: St. Catherine's University | Butler Center | 2004 Randolph Ave. | St. Paul, MN 55105